Plastic Pollution
March 15 2009

Oldie but GOODIE! (Fast Company article)

by scott harrison

Got time to read a 10-page article on bottled water - ugh,! Actually, this one is really pretty riveting, and was published by the hipsterish and trendy biz mag, Fast Company. It's packed with with loads of eye-popping stats and an interesting side-exploration into the ugly & costly production lines of the Fiji water company in, ...well, Fiji.

This article refers to this insipid bottled water phenom, as "the food phenomenon of our times" - and get this: "At Whole Foods, the upscale emporium of the organic and exotic, bottled water is the number-one item by units sold." [ kombucha only comes in glass bottles... smile ]

"Oldie" because the article is about a year and a half old...but not much has changed on this front since. "Goodie" because it lays the problem cleanly and clearly - a great place to point your nay-saying friends and family for a little dose of bottled reality. AWRIGHT!

Find it HERE & enjoy it to the last drop.