Plastic Pollution
March 13 2008

Plastic Bag Rehab

by Bill

"Did you know, Americans throw away an average of 16 plastic bags per week. We think that's a dirty habit. Time to kick it. Make a statement against dirty little plastic bags by using your own chic, reusable, market tote.

the method reusable market tote is our green version of the ugly, plastic shopping bag. it's designed by eco-lifestyle expert Danny Seo so it's stylish + hip. it's reusable so never again will you ever have to decide "paper or plastic?"

Unlike a canvas bag, our reusable market tote is compact and stuffs into its own interior pocket, making it easy to keep in your purse, briefcase or backpack, so you're always ready and armed to shop in sustainable style whenever that unexpected shopping trip comes up. Our bag is made with non-toxic inks and is responsibly produced. we also offset the CO2 emissions of transporting the bag to your door."

Click here to check out the website. It's not exactly clear what the bag is made from but in general Method seems like a pretty 'green' company. They make a lot of stuff that comes in plastic bottles so I am a little perplexed but it all seems to be in #1, highly recyclable containers.