01 • 30 • 2013

Plastic Sushi - Still A Hit!

A little over a year ago we 'launched' a couple of new print PSA's created by our friends at Pollinate in Portland, Oregon.  The plastic sushi piece was an instant hit on Facebook and was quickly shared over 20,000 times from various Surfrider Foundation related pages.  Many people shared it again or downloaded it then shared it, making it tough to truly tell how many times it's been shared or seen.  It popped up various places over the year then this past weekend we noticed that Julian Lennon shared it on his FB fan page, racking up another 3k shares in a few days! 

We love the simplicity of the message and how it gets you thinking about the impacts of plastics on the ocean and with our food - more incentive to 'Ban The Bag'!  Click Here for the PSA on the Rise Above Plastics FB page.