Plastic Pollution
November 18 2007

Plastics In Asia

by Elizabeth

I recently visited India and Bhutan and was astonished to see the efforts there to curb plastic litter. In Delhi, India, there is a public campaign to avoid the use of plastic bags (see photo from outside a subway station in Delhi). In Darjeeling, India, and in the Kingdom of Bhutan plastic bags have been banned! (Bhutan also has completely banned smoking in 18 of its 20 districts). I noticed many public service messages about plastic (see photo from the Darjeeling Zoo). If cities in Asia can recognize the need to ban plastic to curb plastic litter, surely those in the U.S. can too! I also was interested to learn of a program by a businessman in Kurseong, India who runs an organic tea plantation. Every Sunday he buys plastic litter, by the kilo, from local children. This encourages them to clean up the town and allows them to earn a but of extra money. It's a great idea for Rise Above Plastics!

Elizabeth Willes