For the past two decades, the Ventura Chapter has been identifying problems and promoting solutions for clean water throughout the Ventura River watershed.  From sea to summit, Surfrider has been advocating for inter-connected solutions to water quality, water supply and watershed function.  At the top of the watershed they have led the charge to remove the Matilija Dam to restore the natural habitat of the river and replenish area beaches starved for sand.

In Ventura’s urban Sanjon watershed, they have advocated for installation of Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFGs) and other Low Impact Development projects such as green streets. 

As their  OFG program begins its third year, the Chapter is launching an OFG Program Series this Spring with the help of many local partners to encourage residents in the urban watershed to go OFG. Keep up to date on what is happening in the world of OFG in Ventura on their Facebook page.

A recently installed OFG in Ventura capturing rain on-site and allowing it to soak back into the ground.

Surfrider activists have developed posters to raise community awareness of these opportunities to improve water quality, increase groundwater infiltration and conserve drinking water supplies.

Down at the beach, the Chapter is working with the City of Ventura to implement a managed retreat project at Surfers' Point.   This project involves moving an existing bike path and eroded parking lot back, widening the recreational beach area and creating a bio-swale to cleanse and infiltrate runoff from the adjacent parking lot.  During the next phase the parking lot will be redone to allow water to soak into the soil. 

To learn more about these and other clean water and habitat restoration projects in Ventura visit the Ventura River Ecosystem Blog.