Ocean Protection, Marine Protected Areas
December 21 2011

Rincón Chapter Marine Debris Removal & Education Program

by Chad Nelsen

With funding provided by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Surfrider Foundation Rincon chapter is working on their third marine debris removal and prevention project along the west coast of Puerto Rico.

This short trailer was compiled to educate people about the efforts the chapter is making along with their project partners, Taino Divers, Monaquatics, Reefscaping, Atlantis Diving Contractors, AMEC PR, DRNA, ROXY, the municipalities of Rincon, Anasco, and Cabo Rojo, to protect Puerto Rico's reefs from the threats of marine debris.

Aside from removing thousands of pounds of marine debris off of the reef, the chapter is working with two schools, Jorge Seda Crespo in Rincon, and MAS Integrated school in Anasco, by beginning marine debris prevention programs in the form of educating the students about the threats marine debris pose for Puerto Rico's reefs and other marine life in our oceans, and by donating recycling containers to their schools where students will compete amongst homerooms to see who can recycle the most throughout the year. The winning classes, as well as individual students that excel in the program, will win cool prizes from participating companies in the surf industry and local businesses.

If you are interested in partnering with the chapter on this project or helping out in any way please contact them at: salvatrespalmas@surfrider.org