Plastic Pollution
September 28 2012

See You At The Summits

by Bill Hickman

This weekend and next the Surfrider Foundation is hosting West Coast and East Coast Summits to help our activists be better chapter leaders through shared experiences, peer interactions, tangible tools and training. 

It's semi invite-only as you need to be involved with one of the local chapters and there are lots of people that can't make the travel to Ventura or New York.  CEO Jim Moriarty posed the question “How can we get 10x the number of people to connect with our upcoming Summits?”

It boiled down to two recommendations: if you're coming to one of these two events, bring your computer and plan on tweeting. If you want more people to come to chapter meetings or show up at local events feed them excellent content. Help them better understand the role Surfrider plays in communities around the world and then help them engage locally.

If you're not planning on coming to these events, follow people that are. The Twitter hashtag for the West Coast Summit 9/29 and 30 is #sfwcs.  For the East Coast Summit on 10/6 and 7 the hashtag is #sfecs.
Follow Rise Above Plastics at both events on Twitter @RiseAbovePlstcs.  Jim’s handle on twitter is @jimmoriarty. Another person to follow who will be at both conferences is our Environmental Director Chad Nelsen (@chadenelsen).

The people at these summits will be sharing great content and real stories about coastal preservation fights, find a way to leverage that content to help Surfrider's mission connect with new people. Twitter is an easy way to get at least 10x more people engaged with these summits and conferences.