Plastic Pollution
August 23 2011

Stand with Reusable Bags vs Plastic Giants’ Lawsuits

by Bill Hickman

There is a growing worldwide cultural and societal shift from disposable single-use plastic bags to durable reusable bags. However, instead of adapting their business to this new opportunity, the giant single-use plastic bag corporations and groups such as "Save the Plastic Bag Coalition" are spending millions of dollars on lobbyists and lawyers to try to stop this growing grassroots movement. 

In desperation, the industry giants have started a new wave of lawsuits, this time attacking reusable bag companies. They have focused their sights on ChicoBag, a small, outspoken reusable bag company, which makes compact pocket-sized bags and totes. They point to ChicoBag’s "Learn the Facts" webpage, which references widely accepted information to illustrate the gigantic gap between the consumption rates and recycling rates of single-use plastic bags, and the general impacts of single-use use plastics on our oceans and environment.

We first talked about this issue in May and now it's time for you to help out.  The plastic giants claim the statements are false and misleading. In an ironic twist, the industry giants have launched a media campaign, trying to convince us that reusable bags pose a risk to our heath. STOP THE MADNESS! Please sign this petition to say "YES" to the reusable bag movement by saying "NO" to needless wasteful litigation and bully tactics. Tell the plastic bag giants drop their lawsuits against ChicoBag, Marin County, CA and the City of Long Beach, CA.