Plastic Pollution
December 13 2011

Stocking Stuffer Alert - Reusable Glass Straws!

by Bill Hickman

Our friends at Simply Straws recently sent along a special batch of reusable glass straws etched with the Surfrider logo!  Conventional plastic straws can be a dangerous single-use plastic item because it's really hard to recycle them and it seems they are often littered.  Once littered they often start the migratory path through your local watershed to the nearest ocean, bay, lake, etc.  Personally, I typically opt out of straws and try to remember to request 'no straw' at restaurants but have been using these at home and they are pretty neat.  Some people like straws for various reasons and this is your chance to win one!

The first 5 people to post a picture of yourself helping out at a beach cleanup, hanging around town with your reusable water bottle or 'Rising Above Plastics' in some other way will win one of these great straws.  Click Here for our Facebook Page.

Click Here for more info on Simply Straws.