Water Quality, Public Notification
October 06 2015

Support Beach Water Testing Programs

by Mara Dias

A day at the beach shouldn't make you sick.  At the very least you should be notified if the water is polluted and warned to stay out. 

Unfortunately, the Administration has once again proposed to cut all federal funding for beach water quality monitoring, putting over 100 million Americans at risk of getting sick from polluted water!

Over the last 15 years the BEACH Act has made big advancements in setting water quality standards and funding monitoring programs to ensure your safety.  We depend on adequately funded beach programs to ensure that the water we swim, surf and play in is safe.  Read more on the successes of the BEACH Act and Surfrider's efforts to keep it funded here.

Congress has until December 11th to pass a federal budget for 2016 and to avoid a government shutdown.  Ask your Congressional representatives in DC to pass a spending bill that includes level funding for the EPA BEACH Act grants program. 

With approximately 20,000 beach closures and advisories issued across the U. S. every year, we can't afford to stop monitoring our beaches.  Click here to send your email to Congress.