Ocean Protection, Marine Protected Areas
January 05 2015

Surfrider Appointed to Federal Marine Protected Areas Committee

The Surfrider Foundation has been selected to represent non-consumptive recreational users on the Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee. The seat has been filled by Pete Stauffer, Surfrider's Senior Ocean Program Manager, who is serving a four year term that expires on November 15th, 2018. To read the bios of Stauffer and other committee members click here.

The Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee is mandated by Executive Order 13158 and is supported by NOAA's Marine Protected Areas Center. It is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience, who represent parties interested in the use of MPAs as a management tool. Marine protected areas (MPAs) are places in the ocean that are protected from different types of human impact and that often provide important conservation benefits.

Stauffer's role on the committee is to represent the interests and perspectives of non-consumptive users on MPAs in U.S. waters. The advice from Stauffer and other committee members will assist the Department of Commerce and the Department of the Interior in balancing conservation needs with recreational and commercial interests, while protecting the marine environment for present and future generations.

Following his appointment, Stauffer released the following statement:

I am excited and honored to represent non-consumptive users on this important committee. I believe that recreational users such as beach goers, surfers, kayakers, divers, sailors, and wildlife viewers are natural allies for promoting the success and stewardship of marine protected areas. We are also important stakeholders that may be affected by decisions or restrictions established by MPA managers. I look forward to working closely with non-consumptive users throughout the United States to ensure their interests are fully considered in the management of our nation's marine protected areas.
To contact Pete Stauffer: email pstauffer at surfrider.org or call (503) 887-0514