Plastic Pollution, Youth
November 18 2015

Surfrider Clubs Show their Raptober Spirit

Drawing attention to our Rise Above Plastic Campaigns in October, Surfrider Clubs used “Raptober” to raise awareness on the impact plastic has on our environment. Clubs took to the beaches and campuses for clean ups and then used the plastic collected to enter our Instagram Plastic Art Contest.  Here are our winners:

1.     California State University Channel Islands Club

Trash Wave Raptober Art Piece using all upcycled materials from art professor, Matt Furmanksi and from two cleanups, one at the beach and the other in a local road by school, collecting over 40 pounds of trash! In addition they held a movie event to show Into the Gyres.

2. East Hampton Middle School Surfrider Club

Living in a coastal community, students are concerned with the harmful effect that plastics have on the marine life and the beauty of our beaches.  Therefore, they decided to make a wave out of plastic bottles.  The colored the bottles with sharpie markers and then spiral cut the bottles to make long strips of plastics. They outlined the wave with colored black caps. After school and during lunch the art continued to take shape and ideas kept growing.  Though the wave looks beautiful, We hope the message is clear.  This will be displayed in the school and we will continue to make announcements about the harmful effect that plastics have worldwide.

3.     Cape Fear Community College Club

Clubs members found plastic materials around campus and used it to make a plastic sea creature.