08 • 18 • 2020

Surfrider’s New Partnership and Collaboration with Igloo Coolers

By rcushing

The Surfrider Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership and collaboration with Igloo Coolers. The special edition Surfrider x Igloo Playmate Elite, featuring Surfrider’s iconic United States and Oceans of America flag, represents the responsibility we all share to ensure the places where we surf, swim, and play are protected and accessible for everyone. Proceeds from this collaboration will support Surfrider’s mission of protecting the ocean and coasts for all people, today and for the future.

Born from a modest metalworking shop back in 1947, Igloo has been a leader in innovating durable, reusable goods from the beginning. In 2020, the Texas-based company has not lost sight of their original goal— to “create products that enable the pursuit of happiness”— as they continue to grow their commitment to leading the cooler industry in sustainable innovation and reducing their environmental footprint.

In their factory, to offset waste in manufacturing and work towards becoming a Zero Waste facility, Igloo has built unique “regrind” machines. These machines allow excess resin removed from the molding process to immediately be recycled and combined with new resin, capturing and utilizing materials that would otherwise have become waste. On top of this effort, Igloo has made sustainable improvements in their product materials, from fabric to foam, and have introduced a sustainable alternative to the infamous single-use foam cooler to the market with the ReCOOL cooler. Igloo's transparency in sourcing and manufacturing, and intentional decisions in building durable, reusable goods additionally position the company as a leader in their category. Their commitment to crafting products that are built to endure the tests of time, wear and adventure supports Surfrider's goal of instilling and encouraging a reusable-first mindset to replace the everyday single-use items that ultimately pollute our ocean and coasts.

From the data Surfrider volunteers collect at beach cleanups, we know that foam is one of the most commonly found items on beaches around the globe. Once deposited into the natural environment, foam continues to break down into smaller and smaller bits that are nearly impossible to clean up, and can be mistaken for food by wildlife. This is why Surfrider advocates for eliminating single-use plastics— including and especially foam— at the source, and we continue to encourage individuals to invest in reusables that can last.

The classic Igloo Playmate cooler is the perfect partner for your next adventure day at the beach, lake or park or wherever the road may take you. So, on your next beach day, pack your new Surfrider x Igloo Playmate cooler, grab your reef-friendly sunscreen and reusable drink containers knowing you’re doing a good thing for the planet every time you opt out of single-use products. Have a sustainable summer, pack out what you pack in, and don't forget to leave the beach better than you found it.

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