Plastic Pollution
April 29 2013

Watershed Adventures Of A Water Bottle

by Bill Hickman

Check out this great children's book that was recently published to help raise awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution and how kids can help prevent it.  Jennifer Chambers does a nice job of telling a story that is compelling and interesting while the artwork from Jesse Auth illustrates the tale well.

Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle tells the story of a water bottle’s journey in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and Atlantic Ocean. Upon reaching a storm drain, the personified water bottle travels the streams and rivers of Washington, D.C., meeting animals along its ride. Each animal—from the water strider to the loggerhead turtle—teaches the water bottle about itself, its origins, its journey, and those of other pollutants in the watershed. Alima is the five-year old water bottle’s heroine; making us all believe we can be one too.

Jennifer Chambers is an Environmental Educator and Science teacher engaging kids to discover and question the natural world as they hike the scenic trails of Washington, D.C. Her hiking buddies are her two children, husband and dog.

Jesse Auth is a 2012 graduate of The Siena School in Silver Spring, MD where his artwork tells a story of the environmental impact on animals worldwide.

100% of the profits from the book is being donated equally to the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the Surfrider Foundation's Rise Above Plastics program and you can get it here.