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2022 Vissla | SISSTR | Surfrider Creators & Innovators Upcycle Contest Recap

The 2022 Vissla + SISSTREVOLUTION + Surfrider Foundation Upcycle Contest is a wrap!

2022 marks the seventh year that Vissla, along with it's sister brand SISSTREVOLUTION, and Surfrider invited our communities to upcycle objects that might otherwise be seen as trash into treasured, inventive waveriding crafts through the annual Creators and Innovators Upcycle Contest. In 2016, our partner and Surf Industry Coastal Defender, Vissla founded this contest as a plaform to highlight eco-concious craftsmanship and it continues to raise awareness and inspire. It is one of our most favorite happenings of the year.

Once again, we are blown away by the quality and ingenuity and we extend our humble gratitude and praise to all participants. This year's contest saw impressive entries from all over the world and a great leap in terms of functionality and modern surfboard design, as well as some notable entries from young creators and innovators.

Learn more about Vissla, SISSTREVOLUTION, their support of the Surfrider Foundation, and our annual Creators and Innovators contest here!