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Introducing the 2021 Surf Industry Coastal Defenders

The Surfrider Foundation's Surf Industry Coastal Defender program was created to provide a way for surf industry brands to demonstrate their support for Surfrider's mission, acting as a coalition of businesses with shared stakes in protecting the places we all love and rely on— our ocean and coasts.

As companies and individuals that are deeply intertwined in the global surfing community, the Surf Industry Coastal Defenders are uniquely situated to speak to the immense value that clean water and healthy beaches provide to not only our communities and our lives as individuals, but our coastal economies. As businesses whose livelihoods depend on unpolluted surf breaks, clean beaches not inundated with plastic pollution, and beach access for all people, the Surf Industry Coastal Defenders work alongside Surfrider to raise awareness, advocate for positive policies and legislation, and continue to guide the industry in more sustainable directions.

With surfing scheduled to make its Olympic debut later this year, and the growing prevalence of wave pools in inland communities, the number of surfers residing near and far from our coastlines is only projected to grow in the coming years. In 2020, in the April- August time period alone, we witnessed an increase of an estimated 3 million new surfers in the water. With support from the Surf Industry Coastal Defenders, we will continue to reach new audiences and ocean recreation enthusiasts together, always aiming to inspire and engage new coastal stewards.

This year, the Surfrider Foundation is thrilled to welcome new Surf Industry Coastal Defenders, GoPro, Jetty and Havaianas to join this coalition of like-minded brands supporting Surfrider's mission.

Above and beyond participation as Surf Industry Coastal Defenders, our partners at REEF continue to demonstrate their commitment to healthy beaches with their sponsorship Surfrider's national Beach Cleanup Program through the Better Beach Alliance.

Dragon Alliance's support for the Blue Water Task Force continues to enable Surfrider volunteers to identify and address sources of pollution in coastal waters around the country, to protect clean water and help inform the public know when it's safe to surf, swim and recreate.

Sanuk's enduring support continues to help protect their company's backyard and the surrounding region, the “Two Miles of Smiles” along the Santa Barbara coastline.

Through the Almond x Surfrider collection of surfboards, apparel and accessories featuring art by Ty Williams, Almond Surfboards continues to help spread awareness and support Surfrider's mission through sales of our collaborative product.

Longtime supporter, Vissla, continues to amplify our mission and rally Creators and Innovators around reducing and eliminating excess waste through our collaborative, annual Upcycle Contest.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and upcoming projects with the Surf Industry Coastal Defenders in 2021 and beyond!


Thanks to our Surf Industry Coastal Defender partners:

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