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“Surfonomics” above the fold

The Washington Post recently ran an excellent article entitled “Surfonomics” on the cover of their Sunday business section. The article discussed how economic valuation of surfing and surf spots is helping to raise awareness about the value of surf protection. You can read the article here.

The article featured a number of references to projects being conducted by Surfrider and others and we have received a number of requests for additional information on those efforts. The list below provides a number of links to those references:

Salva Tres Palmas, Rincón, Puerto Rico:

A short film on protecting surfing, coral reefs and the local community in Rincón, Puerto Rico

The study by Dr. Linwood Pendleton: A Preliminary Study of the Value of Coastal Tourism in Rincón, Puerto Rico (~.pdf)

Surf Economics in the US:

Socioeconomic and Recreational profile of US Surfers

Dr. Chad Nelsen's disseration, entitled Collecting & Using Economic Information to Guide the Management of Coastal Recreational Resources, that includes valuation of surfing at Trestles in San Clemente, CA.

The Value of a Wave: An Analysis of the Mavericks Region and the Mavericks Wave from an Ecotourism Perspective

Additional links:

Dr. Jason Scorse, Center for the Blue Economy

Dr. Charles Colgan, National Ocean Economics Program

Dr. Linwood Pendleton: Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions