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Anupa Asokan has worked in marine science and policy for over 10 years, and believes sustainable business solutions will help drive positive change for the ocean. She formerly worked for NOAA in Washington, DC and chaired the local Surfrider chapter during her time there. Now in Los Angeles, Anupa continues to volunteer with the local chapter and is excited to support Surfrider at the national level and continue to help inspire both coastal and inland activists to protect and enjoy our ocean.

Anupa grew up fishing Florida’s Gulf Coast and that early connection to the ocean drove her passion for ocean science and conservation. She began her career in experiential learning, teaching marine science on Catalina Island, and believes access for everyone is paramount to protecting the ocean and coasts for future generations. A graduate of UCLA and the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography, Anupa spends her free time exploring Southern California above and below the water.