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Christina spent her formative years in New England between the ocean and the mountains, cultivating a deep connection to her natural environment. Since graduating from Middlebury College in 1999, she has dedicated much of her energy to conservation efforts. For two seasons, Christina worked as a commercial fisherwoman in Alaska, giving her long-lasting impressions about ocean conservation efforts and the fishing industry. She was awarded an internship with Audubon Magazine where she wrote bylines on habitat loss, inspiring her hobby, as a birdwatcher. Today, Christina splits her time between both worlds—the land and the sea—as an Herbalist & Apothecary Owner, teaching students about plant-based medicine, and as a Volunteer and former Executive Committee member of the Eastern Long Island Surfrider Chapter.

Over the years, Christina has served on boards and worked in fundraising and development for women's rights, eradicating zoonotic diseases, cancer research, and scholarships for underprivileged youths. In 2012, Christina launched FlowCoach, an Executive Coaching firm with a focus on career transition and leadership skills. Prior to that, she spent nearly a decade at a single-family office working in a variety of capacities that provided much of the training, exposure, and groundwork to launch her businesses and develop her fundraising approach.

Christina and her children are ever-present Surfrider volunteers and surfers at Ditch Plains in Montauk. While not a surfer himself, Christina's husband is known on the beach for striking up a conversation with anyone coming out of the water. As a couple, they are dedicated to ensuring their children live in a world where they can share and enjoy the beauty of our natural environments—particularly our ocean, waves, and beaches.

Coming from a family of avid sailors, I learned early on that the ocean was a place to heal, play, contemplate, and provide sustenance. Over the years, as a surfer and volunteer, I have witnessed the power that the Surfrider Foundation has harnessed through their grassroots network and legal action-- to revitalize and protect our coastal environments. The greatest legacy I can leave our children is the same gift my family gave me: a healthy ocean to share inspiration, recreation, and nutrition. In an era of distressing news, nothing could be more hopeful than choosing to roll up your sleeves and believe in the world we can create together.