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Born and raised in New Jersey, Alanna grew up surrounded by water - literally, sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Back Bays of South Jersey’s barrier islands. Her admiration and appreciation of our natural world is rooted in those formative years spent in the sand, bobbing through waves, coasting through salt marshes, and by the lessons imparted by her mother and grandmother, both passionate environmental stewards.

After heading inland to attend Penn State and Georgetown University, Alanna’s love for our coasts led her back to the ocean and a cool 2,500+ miles across the country to Southern California and to Surfrider. As our Automation Specialist, Alanna manages the technical aspects of Surfrider’s email marketing efforts to ensure our messages reach the right audiences at the right time to further our mission. She also provides general technical and content support to our membership team. In her free time, you can find Alanna out on a local trail, hanging by the 'wooder,' or planning her next national park trip.