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Born and raised in California, Alex's love for nature and environmental stewardship was instilled by their family's generations-long passion for the outdoors — from camping and fishing in the Eastern Sierras to learning how to swim at local beaches and embarking on long road trips to National Parks. These early experiences instilled the importance of appreciating and caring for the places where we play. After studying advertising, communications, and colonial history for their bachelor's education, Alex worked as an agency leader and consultant for more than 10 years, specializing in performance creative, growth advertising, UX research, and brand strategy. Drawn by the desire to align their expertise with their passion for responsible recreation, Alex's career journey led them to Surfrider, where they found a perfect harmony between their skills and commitment to environmental protection. As the Sr. Marketing Manager of Content Strategy, Alex works closely with multiple departments, helping to drive our content strategy across marketing, membership, and mission.

When not helping the ocean make more friends, you can find Alex fishing local waterways and planning their next outdoor adventure.