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Chapters, West Region

I am excited to help chapters in the region tackle pollution issues that are affecting the marine environment. I grew up on the East Coast and was fortunate to have grandparents who lived near the beach in Delaware. At the age of six, I wanted to be like my big brother so I ‘borrowed’ his surfboard at every chance and caught the surfing bug early on. All my early memories are of clean beaches but later in high school and through college I started to see and feel the impact of litter and pollution.

When I moved to California after college, I wanted to volunteer for an environmental organization and Surfrider was a perfect fit. After years of volunteering, I applied for a job with the San Diego Chapter, where I worked for over five years, followed by a couple of years as the Rise Above Plastics program coordinator. Now, I am stoked to be helping Surfrider chapters in Southern California fulfill the mission. Surfrider is an easy place to get involved and make a positive impact to protect our coasts, so I encourage you to help out with your local chapter and make a difference!