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Carla brings a wealth of experience to the field of environmental conservation, restoration, natural resource planning, and community engagement. In her role as Surfrider's Climate Action Program Manager, Carla is dedicated to supporting chapters in the participation and implementation of restoration projects within their communities. She is passionate about the protection of the environment for the benefit of future generations. She also firmly believes that by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and implementing nature-based solutions, we can make significant strides toward combating climate change and preserving our planet's delicate ecosystems. Carla holds a B.S. in Environmental Science with a specialization in ecological restoration, complemented by minors in Watershed Management, Soil Science and Geography, all earned from Cal Poly Humboldt. Residing in Humboldt County, Carla finds joy in exploring diverse habitats and engaging in various outdoor activities, including backpacking, kayaking, gardening, and hiking with her dog, Winston.