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Chapters, West Region

A Florida native, Liz started her career as a marine biologist, working with sea turtles and commercial fisheries in the Florida Keys and spending her vacation time teaching at Duke University's marine science summer camp. While completing her master's degree in Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology from the University of Maryland, she taught sustainability to undergraduate students while also volunteering as a docent at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum’s Ocean Hall and leading overnight camps at the National Zoo. After graduating, she got hitched and moved out west, where she’s spent several years studying salmon and streams and trying to embrace this thing called elevation. She learned about Surfrider’s programs and campaigns as the Olympia Chapter’s Volunteer Coordinator before being hired on as the Washington Regional Manager. When she’s not supporting our five Washington chapters and three BC chapters in their amazing work, she likes to run on trails, bike around volcanoes, freedive, play frisbee, read in the sun with her chickens, play guitar when no one's around, and make maps. Liz has a special fondness for swamps, cypress trees, and thunderstorms, is recreationally obsessed with ocean sunfish, and will shamelessly eat any unattended leftovers.