Policy on Global Warming

Approved by the Surfrider Foundation Board of Directors on October 15, 2006

Whereas, global warming is a scientific reality

Whereas, many of the impacts of global warming will be felt more acutely along our coasts, both along shore and in the water

Whereas, the scientific consensus is overwhelming that greenhouse gases emitted by human activity are contributing to the rise in average global temperatures.

Whereas, global warming will induce increased sea level rise

Whereas, global warming may contribute to increased frequency and severity of storms

Whereas, global warming will include changes in the characteristics of ocean water, including acidity

Whereas, warmer waters, more acidic oceans and strong storms are taking their combine toll on sea life, beaches, coral reefs and other elements of coasts and oceans

Whereas, increased sea level rise and storm severity threatens coastal communities and the health of coastal beaches and ecosystems

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Surfrider Foundation Board of Directors,

Supports, through collaboration with partner organizations, efforts to reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas-causing emissions.

Will address coastal issues with increased urgency, take global warming and sea level rise into account when considering coastal and ocean issues, and encourage all public and private entities to do the same.

Believes that global warming and sea level rise further reduce the efficacy of shoreline armoring and beach fill.

Will thus continue to work to establish appropriate setbacks for coastal development based on current and predicted erosion, sea level rise and associated trends.

Will encourage immediate work towards managed landward retreat of existing structures from dynamic shorelines, including shorelines affected by sea level rise.