Student Club Network

The Surfrider Foundation launched the Student Club Network in 2008 in response to overwhelming interest across the country from young people that wished to become more involved in the Surfrider Foundation’s activities on their campuses and communities. The program has grown to a wide range of activities including organizing school clubs and initiatives based on project-based learning. These range from beach cleanups to eliminating single use plastics on-campus to greening campuses.

Our Student Club Network creates a platform to meet the demand by young people for opportunities to influence environmental action through service, leadership development, civic engagement and direct action organizing.

This network focuses on the development and implementation of environmental stewardship projects - at schools, campuses and in local communities. These projects range from beach cleanups and campus plastic reduction projects to building awareness on issues impacting our ocean. Project-based learning helps teaches young people to:

  • Develop awareness of issues affecting our waterways and coastlines
  • Construct collaborative solutions to ocean issues important to them
  • Learn grassroots organizing skills and building confidence as a leader
  • Hone communication skills that move others to action
  • Most importantly, make a difference at their school and in their communities

Our success to affect widespread action to protect our coasts comes in part by motivating ordinary young people to take action in local coastal conservation.  The Surfrider Student Club network also serves as the foundation for cultivating the next generation of leaders for our chapter network, developing lifelong coastal defenders, and helping to expand Surfrider’s mission to protect our ocean, waves and beaches beyond our chapter network.

Support for the Student Club Network is made possible through a generous donations from the Dillon Henry and Windsong Foundation. The Dillon Henry Foundation was created in memory of Dillon Henry -- a surfer, teen activist and committed Surfrider supporter with a love of education. To learn more about Dillon and the Dillon Henry Foundation please visit

Get Involved

We are looking for students who are passionate about our ocean and looking for leadership opportunities and fun! There are many ways to get involved with the Surfrider Foundation and any one or all of them helps contribute to our core mission of engaged activism.

Ready to get started?

Submit a request to tell us how you want to get involved! *NOTE: Due to capacity issues, we are not currently accepting applications for elementary / middle school level clubs. 

Already approved club?

Your club needs to sign up and/or renew your individual student memberships

Starting a Surfrider Student Club Information

Students, administrators and teachers can start a club at their local school. Every district works a little differently, but most schools club programs need to be approved by the school administration first. Visit your school office and ask questions about the process for getting a Surfrider club approved. You need to fulfill certain requirements in order to receive an official charter from us. 

Where do I find the club registration information?

Once you've filled out the request form above the criteria is emailed to you. The criterion is simple: three student officers, ten members, and a dedicated environmental service project for the year.

Do I need an advisor? 

We do require an advisor for school clubs. At the elementary school level, any club activities must have an adult chaperone present. This is similar to typical school field trip requirements. 

Is there a cost to start a club?

There is no membership requirement. We do encourage you to still become a member.

Do I need to have parental waivers signed for all club members?

Yes. Anyone who participates at any sponsored or official Surfrider Foundation Club activity must sign a waiver form. Please contact the Youth Manager for copies.

Ryan Cruse, Youth Network Manager,

Student Club Network Updates