Vote 2020

The most important election of our lifetime is upon us. Your voice and your vote are critically important. Whether for clean water, healthy beaches, future generations, or environmental justice, we want you to tell us why you're casting your ballot this November 3rd. As a 501c3 organization Surfrider does not support or oppose any particular candidate or political party.

How Can I Make My Voice Heard?

Surfrider is encouraging everyone to exercise their constitutional right to vote and to consider how it impacts the world.  First, register to vote and we've included some easy ways to make this happen at the bottom of this page. 

Want to be featured on Surfrider's social channels along with some world-renowned surfers and ocean lovers? Check out big wave legend Kai Lenny's message and learn how to participate below.


How to Get Started


We want you to tell us why you are voting this November. Whether you want a clean ocean, healthy coastlines or simply saving turtles, download the toolkit below and fill in the blank with what is personally important to you.

“I vote for _________” Examples:

I vote for clean water
I vote for the ocean
I vote for environmental justice
I vote for pristine beaches
I vote for protecting our waves
I vote for the waves and coastline

Then hashtag #IVoteFor for and tag @surfrider. You may be featured on our social media channels in the coming weeks. 

* Please keep messages positive and nonpartisan and avoid naming specific candidates. Learn more about 501c3 compliance *

Download Social Toolkit


We've created custom social templates that you can download and personalize with your own message or better yet create a short video and post it on your social channels. Don't forget to hashtag #IVoteFor and tag @surfrider.


Download Social Toolkit

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