Blue Water Task Force, Know Your H20, Ocean Friendly Gardens
November 17 2014

California Drought Ideas In Line With Surfrider’s Approach

by Paul Herzog

A comprehensive report has been released by a coalition of 15 environmental organizations, of which Surfrider is a part, that both responds to the California drought and plans for the future. Just three of the strategies addressed in the report - urban and agricultural efficiency, wastewater reuse, and stormwater capture - have the potential to produce water supplies that "dwarf other potential sources, including taking more water from the Bay-Delta." Another priority is groundwater recharge. With the governor's signature of a bill last month, groundwater is being regulated for the first time in state history.

The report is right in line with the holistic approach taken by Surfrider's Clean Water Initiative (we blogged about this initiative in September). Also, several of Surfrider's strategic objectives for our Ocean Friendly Gardens Program are mentioned in the report's summary: statewide education, job training, and turf replacement rebates.

Surfrider has been actively working to create collaboration amongst government agencies, non-profits and the private sector following a holistic approach. Ocean Friendly Gardens and parkway curb cuts are part of what's called green infrastructure - which is essentially landscaping that applies what we call CPR: Conservation, Permeability and Retention. Also, over the last two years, Surfrider has helped shift the focus of the state's leading association of water agencies, the California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC). Its Landscape Committee, once focused on irrigation efficiency, is now a leading proponent of the "watershed approach" - the same focus as our Ocean Friendly Gardens Program.

Steps you can take:

  • Apply CPR outdoors and reduce water use indoors - see our tips in this blog post.
  • Volunteer with a Surfrider chapter - it's fun to work with others, learn by doing, and create a model of innovative solutions such as Ocean Friendly Gardens. There are chapters and student clubs all along the coast.
  • Join Surfrider - funding helps support volunteers to educate others, organize hands-on workdays, and work with government agencies on policy changes.