Ocean Friendly Gardens, GAP
March 31 2011

Garden Assistance Program (GAP) Workday to Launch OFG in Long Beach, CA

The property owners for this Garden Assistance Program (GAP) Workday first went to an OFG class, and later applied to and qualified for the Lawn-to-Garden Incentive Program offered by Long Beach Water Department. Then the owners hired a professional trained and certified by G3 (The Green Gardens Group) on an hourly basis to:

  • Review and suggest changes to their design to ensure it "applied CPR - Conservation, Permeability and Retention" - the fundamentals of the OFG Sign Criteria.
  • Review the plant list the owners had come up with and create a list of additional materials to purchase, e.g., irrigation supplies, mulch (free from the City).

Their garden design includes rainwater capture and runoff prevention, permeable walkways, native and climate appropriate plants, drip irrigation and mulch.  Workday coordination will be led by G3 for this first Workday, and a $10 donation is requested to cover G3’s time. The Surfrider Chapters have also been asked to chip in a small amount of Chapter funding. When the OFG is complete, it can be a site for the Chapters to return to conduct neighborhood walks called "Lawn Patrols" (a play on "dawn patrols" to check out surf conditions). 

Learn by practicing on this yard, then go home and try it yourself! Event details are on the Long Beach Chapter's website.

For more details on the site and the pre-Workday involvement of Surfrider and G3, check out G3's blog post about it. To the right is a picture of the site in it's prep phase during a site visit with: LB OFG Chair Ananda Lee, G3's Pamela Berstler and SF National OFG Coordinator Paul Herzog.

Ocean Friendly Gardens “apply CPR - Conservation, Permeability and Retention - to revive our watersheds and oceans." Click here to learn more, apply for an OFG sign, or volunteer with a Chapter OFG Program (or start one).