09 • 11 • 2017

Hurricane Relief: Support Recovery Efforts

By Dr. Chad Nelsen

Like many of you, the Surfrider Foundation has been closely following the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria, and their destructive paths across Texas, the Caribbean, and Florida.

In the wake of these powerful and destructive storms, we are saddened by the loss of life and the human suffering they have created, but also heartened by the massive volunteer and professional humanitarian response.

Directing your financial support and donations wisely is critical to ensure that the resources are most efficiently deployed to those in need, and to avoid the “second disaster” of unneeded aid that only serves to burden those operating on the ground.

During the critical days and weeks ahead we are employing Surfrider’s network of on-the-ground community members, surfers, colleagues, and friends to help direct aid to the most effective locally based organizations we can find.

We invite you to support their important work.




Clean Water for the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the French Caribbean:

Puerto Rico:

US Virgin Islands:

British Virgin Islands:


Things are changing quickly on the ground and we will update this list as we hear and learn more. Please feel free to contact Stefanie with any information at