Know Your H20, Desalination
September 20 2013

Just a few reasons why desal is not the answer…

by Julia Chunn-Heer

Desalination, the process of removing salt from ocean water to create a drinking water supply, is often touted as the solution to our water woes. However, Surfrider begs to differ and suggests that desalination done in an environmentally responsible fashion should only be considered after water conservation and recycling have been exhausted. We are not the only ones with grave concerns regarding desalination. Check out this short clip from David Zetland of Wageningen University and author of the Aguanomics blog. He asserts that desal does not actually increase supply, but rather increases water demand. No matter what, desal is no substitute for good water management. Why turn to desal, the most expensive, most energy intensive, and most Green House Gas producing option before other environmentally superior options are exhausted? That's a good question!