Plastic Pollution, Bag Bans
July 23 2013

Keep The Sea Plastic-Free

by Bill Hickman

It's summertime and the beaches are packed with people - and their stuff.  On the way to the water today with surfboard in hand I came across a ziplock bag filled with cookies along the tide line.  I'm not sure which family it belonged to so I just tossed it higher into the dry sand with hopes that someone would claim it.  A couple of unattended beach toys were in the wet sand so they got tossed up as well. 

Once I finally paddled out and started to feel the calming power of the sea, I noticed a shiny object floating about a dozen yards away.  I paddled over to discover a mylar balloon.  I popped it then stuffed it in my wetsuit.  Last time at that spot a plastic bag floated right by so I stuffed that in my wettie as well. 

Plastic does not biodegrade in our lifetimes and can impact critters we love through entanglement or ingestion.  Do your part to 'Keep the Sea Plastic-Free' by remembering your reusable bag and avoiding balloon releases.  Go above and beyond by spreading the word and gettinging involved with your local Surfrider Chapter.