Plastic Pollution
July 31 2018

Support Your Local Ocean Friendly Restaurant!

Surfrider's Ocean Friendly Restaurants Program continues to recruit more and more businesses towards practices that reduce single-use plastic and protect our ocean. In nearly every state along the U.S. East and West coasts, you can find a Surfrider Foundation Ocean Friendly Restaurant that has stepped up to protect our cherished coastlines from the harms of plastic pollution. 

At Surfrider, we know that our love for the ocean and coasts doesn't stop when we leave the beach. It becomes a part of everything we do and includes the choices we make when we go out to enjoy a meal with family and friends. By choosing an Ocean Friendly Restaurant, protectors of the coast can be assured that they are supporting a business that has stopped serving polstyrene foam, does not give out plastic bags, only serves straws on request, recycles, and has gotten rid of the plastic cutlery. Though these seem like small steps when confronting the crisis of plastic in our ocean, if businesses across the world trade in their single-use disposables for long-lasting reusables, we will see an end to the countless supply of petroleum-based plastic items that litter our favorite beaches.  

The Ocean Friendly Restaurants program is showing that the power of community, the love of our ocean and coasts, and forward-thinking business practices are essential ingredients that can move us towards a future with less plastic in our ocean. For more information about our program and to find an ocean friendly business near you, please visit: