07 • 18 • 2019

Surfrider Wants You to Get into Your Marine Sanctuary!

Surfrider urges our supporters to “Get Into Your Sanctuary” this summer and take action to protect these special designations.

National Marine Sanctuaries help protect some of our country’s most outstanding ocean areas. From the kelp forests of Monterey Bay, California to the reefs of Papahanaumokuakea, Hawaii, to the shipwrecks of Monitor, North Carolina, few places on the planet can compete with the diversity of the National Marine Sanctuary System. These designations not only protect America's most iconic natural and cultural marine resources, but they also are a haven for recreation such as swimming, surfing, paddling, diving, wildlife viewing, photography and many other activities that generate considerable socioeconomic benefits. That's why Surfrider is participating in NOAA's “Get Into Your Sanctuary” celebration and raising awareness about ways to protect these special places.

Surfrider’s Commitment to Save our Marine Sanctuaries 

The Surfrider Foundation is proud to be part of a national coalition working to defend our country’s marine monuments and sanctuaries from attacks by the Trump administration. Surfrider also stands ready to defend the individual monuments that our chapters have supported, including Hawaii's Papahānaumokuākea, and the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine Monument. 

The administration’s actions represent a very real attack on America’s national parks, public lands and oceans that help define who we are as a nation. Attempts to revoke or change the fabric of national monuments is an assault on our nation’s historical, cultural and natural heritage. As recreational users, we must speak out for our monuments and sanctuaries, as well as laws like the Antiquities Act that allow our nation's greatest resources to be protected for future generations.


Make Your Voice Heard. Please pick up the phone and call your Congressional Representatives in D.C. and ask them to defend Marine Monuments and National Marine Sanctuaries by opposing new offshore drilling! Find your member's phone numbers here: Senate and House.

Get into Your Sanctuary

Surfrider is proud to support this year’s “Get into Your Sanctuary” celebration hosted by NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries. The celebration aims to raise awareness about the value of our national marine sanctuaries as iconic destinations for responsible recreation through a series of special activities. These events will take place over the long weekend of Aug. 2 to 4 across the National Marine Sanctuary System – from sea to shining sea.

Whether you're already an avid outdoors person looking for a new adventure or you've never been kayaking, fishing, or taken advantage of our amazing underwater parks, this weekend is for YOU! And of course, while enjoying these special places, make sure you’re practicing responsible recreation.

For a full list of site events click HERE 

Photo Contest

In celebration of national Get Into Your Sanctuary events, NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries is hosting a photo contest through September 2 (Labor Day weekend). Send in your best photos of the National Marine Sanctuary System and help celebrate the beauty and importance of these special places.

Winning photos will be featured in next year's Earth Is Blue Magazine and on the Earth Is Blue social media campaign.

Photo Categories 

Sanctuary Views: Share your photos of beautiful sunsets or scenic shots of your favorite national marine sanctuary.

Sanctuary Life: Send us your best photos of sanctuary inhabitants like fish, birds, marine mammals, and other amazing ocean creatures.

Sanctuary Recreation: Enter your best images of people enjoying national marine sanctuaries, whether they're boating, kayaking, diving, swimming, conducting research, or just hanging out on the beach.