02 • 28 • 2021

Surfrider’s 2021 Federal Priorities: Washington D.C. Here We Come

By Pete Stauffer

Surfrider has selected our 2021 Federal Priorities for our upcoming virtual Coastal Recreation Hill Day. Please join us in asking our federal leaders to protect our ocean, waves and beaches!

There’s never been a more urgent time for federal leadership on ocean and coastal issues. Our coastal environment is under assault from climate change, plastic pollution, sewage overflows, and many other threats. Yet, under the Trump administration the federal government weakened nearly a hundred environmental rules. That’s why strong action is needed from the Biden administration and the 117th Congress to ensure our nation’s coasts are protected now and into the future. 

Surfrider has selected our 2021 Federal Priorities which focus on the most important bills that Congress can pass to protect our ocean, waves and beaches. This legislation tackles three areas for federal action: 1) Take Action on Climate Change; 2) Protect Clean Water; and 3) Reduce Plastic Pollution. Please visit our federal priorities webpage and check out our surfing ambassador videos to see the specific bills our network is supporting and how you can take action!

One of Surfrider's top priorities is passing Ocean Climate Solutions legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help our coasts adapt to sea level rise.

As the largest grassroots network of coastal recreation users, Surfrider is an important and growing voice in federal advocacy. When our U.S. network of 170 chapters and clubs speaks with one voice, we’ve shown that we can have a profound impact on federal decision-making. To further amplify the voice of the coastal recreation community, Surfrider has partnered with the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, the Outdoor Alliance and thousands of recreation and tourism businesses across the U.S. on federal advocacy efforts (to sign our business petition click here).

Coastal Recreation Hill Day Preview

This month, Surfrider is taking our federal priorities to Washington D.C. as part of Coastal Recreation Hill Day. Over 160 Surfrider members, industry leaders and world-class surfers will meet virtually with more than a hundred congressional offices and the Biden administration to ask our federal leaders to take positive action on behalf of our coasts. Surfrider's Hill Day efforts will consist of 35 regional delegations representing 25 of the nation’s 32 coastal states and territories. Our goal is to build bipartisan leadership to protect our nation’s coastal ecosystems and the public’s ability to enjoy these resources.

This year Surfrider members and partners will meet virtually with members of Congress at Coastal Recreation Hill Day

A key theme of this year’s Coastal Recreation Hill Day is demanding federal action on climate change to respond to the impacts of sea level rise, extreme weather, and ocean acidification. During Hill Day, Surfrider and a group of industry leaders and professional surfers will meet with the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to discuss the threats of climate change to our coasts and the solutions that must be implemented.

Participation this year includes nearly double the amount of Surfrider chapters and student clubs as last year (the previous record), due to the ability for more people to join as a virtual event. So while we can’t walk through the halls of Congress this year, we will certainly have the concerns and voice of our grassroots community heard in the nation’s Capital. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to participate in Coastal Recreation Hill Day to make your voice heard on federal issues. All of us should regularly contact our elected officials to express support for protecting our coasts and ocean. To easily send a message to your representatives, please visit our Take Action page. Even better, call your representatives in the Senate and House or schedule a meeting with their district office. Let’s turn the tide in 2021! 

Surfrider’s Federal Priorities click here

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