Beach Access, Coastal Preservation, Ocean Protection, Plastic Pollution, Water Quality
October 09 2016


by Pete Stauffer

The coast is never saved. It is always being saved.” Peter Douglas

There are many ways that the Surfrider Foundation achieves its mission of protecting our ocean, waves, and beaches, but none are more important than winning campaigns. We are therefore very excited to announce that Surfrider’s chapter network has secured its 38th campaign victory of 2016, reaching our annual goal with months to spare!

These coastal victories have come from all across the country, driven by the work of our chapters, volunteers, and staff. From city ordinances to statewide legislation to historic actions of the Obama Administration, these critical decisions will protect our nation's coast and ocean for years to come. Of course, much work remains with some of our biggest campaigns set to conclude by the end 2016!

Below is a brief summary of some of our victory highlights so far:

  • 16 victories to address plastic pollution including laws at the local and state level that will keep plastics out of our watersheds and ocean.
  • The Atlantic coast is protected from offshore drilling thanks to the passionate advocacy of our East Coast chapters and delivery of a signed surfboard to the White House and Congress.
  • Hawaii clean water victory to protect public health through requiring the State to post water quality advisories.
  • Coastal preservation victories in Rhode Island, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico to protecting outstanding beaches and coastal resources.
  • Ocean Monuments designated by President Obama in Hawaii (Papahānaumokuākea) and New England (Northeast Canyons & Seamounts)

Some of our priorities for the remainder of 2016 include:

  • Pass Proposition 67 in California to uphold the statewide plastic bag ban and keep billions of new bags out of landfills, watersheds and the ocean.
  • Finalize Regional Ocean Plans in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast that will help protect marine environment and coastal recreation for decades to come.
  • Fund the BEACH Act to ensure water qualtiy testing in 35 U.S. coastal states to protect the public health of beachgoers.
  • Stop seismic blasting in the Atlantic to search for offshore oil and gas resouces.

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our successful campaigns this year. Please see below for ways to engage and support our campaigns the remainder of this year and beyond!

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