03 • 30 • 2017

Trump Administration Moves to Roll Back Climate Change Policies

The assault on our nation's climate change efforts continues. On Tuesday, President Trump signed a sweeping executive order to roll back a number of climate change policies, including plans to curb greenhouse pollution from coal-fired power plants. The order directs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to rewrite the Clean Power Plan, which would have closed hundreds of fossil fuel power plants and replaced them with renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar. 

The Surfrider Foundation is alarmed to see the Trump Administration reverse years of progress by the federal government to address the critical threat of climate change. Our nation’s coasts and adjacent communities are already experiencing enormous impacts from a changing climate through sea level rise, increased storm activity, and an acidifying ocean. Only by addressing the root cause of climate change - greenhouse gas emissions - can we protect our coasts and ocean for future generations

Surfrider calls upon all elected officials in the U.S. to hold the Administration accountable for taking meaningful action on climate - both through federal policies and displaying international leadership. Surfrider will continue to speak out to protect the Climate Action Plan, which provides a roadmap for the U.S. to transition to renewable sources of energy while adapting to impacts already taking place. Of particular interest for Surfrider members, the plan includes actions to promote coastal resilience through support for community planning and investments in land and water conservation.

Surfrider will also continue to advocate for the United States' participation in the Paris Climate Agreement. The international agreement to address greenhouse gas emissions was negotiated under a United Nations Framework and has been signed by nearly two hundred nations. Even Exxon Mobile, the largest oil and gas producer in the world, is urging the Trump Administration to remain a participant, calling the agreement an “effective framework for addressing the risks of climate change” and the “first major international accord” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

So what can you do to support federal leadership on climate change? Please see below for ways to take action!

Take Action on Climate Change

1) Call your federal represenatives to ask them to defend our nation's climate change policies incuding critical funding for the EPA and NOAA. Find your member's phone numbers here: Senate and House.

2) Send a letter to President Trump urging him to honor the Paris Climate Agreement. 

3) Participate in the People's Climate March on April 29th. For more info click here.

4) Visit our Change Change campaign page click here.