04 • 24 • 2017

Climate Action! Taking It to the Streets.

Join the Surfrider Foundation at the People’s Climate March on April 29, 2017. Help us send a strong message that climate change is impacting our ocean and coasts!  As science-based data continues to prove, without immediate action, seas will continue to rise, ocean chemistry will change, and millions of people who live along the coast will be impacted.  

And while we are at it, let's march to oppose the Trump administration’s rollback policies that undermine the progress our nation has made to combat climate change.  Join us to emphasize the importance of federal leadership and working with global partners to tackle climate change threats (i.e. maintaining our commitment to the Paris Agreement). Oh, and of course, march to stress the importance of using science to curtail catastrophic impacts of a changing climate.   

Climate change is already knocking at our door—we no longer have the leisure to wait for action.  Now is our chance to join voices and urge decision makers to act!

It’s time for “America to be great” at protecting our ocean, waves and beaches from climate change.  It’s time for America to put local communities “first” by implementing progessive, thoughtful policies that protect a stable climate and future generations. 

We need thousands of people to join marches across the nation to send a clear message that climate action matters, now more than ever! 

The main march is taking place in D.C. and Surfrider is also participating in many sister marches around the county - find a march near you. 

Get inspired. Check out the below video about the upcoming march. See you in the streets on April 29th! 

PS: Check out our recently updated Climate Change Activist Toolkit.