Know Your H20, Wastewater, Water Recycling
March 20 2014

Water Recycling Provides Multiple Benefits

by Rick Wilson

The drought throughout California, much of the Southwest and elsewhere in the United States has garnered a lot headlines and generated much concern.  At the same time, there is a growing realization that we can address water supply problems AND reduce water pollution problems AND save money if we just begin to close the loop and create an urban water cycle instead of perpetuating the cycle of insanity.

In California, WateReuse California recently honored leaders in water recycling during their annual awards luncheon. The honorees included water and wastewater agencies, cities, companies and individuals who have implemented or promoted water recycling projects.  Water has been successfully recycled for agricultural use, wetlands restoration, industrial reuse, dual-plumbed office buildings and the new stadium for the San Francisco 49ers. Other completed projects include water recycling for dust control, carpet manufacturing and flower fields.

In fact, given the demonstrated ability of advanced wastewater treatment technologies to produce high quality drinking water, there's really no limit to the uses of recycled water.

Surfrider is hoping that San Diego and many other cities around the country soon stop the polluting, wasteful practice of using water only once.  Let's drop this practice and drop into clean water instead.