April 30 2019

Welcoming Surf Industry Coastal Defender, Sisstrevolution

Sisstrevolution, a new women's surf brand from Stokehouse, has joined the Surfrider Foundation as a Surf Industry Coastal Defender, bolstering their existing sustainability initiatives and efforts to raise awareness around the issues affecting our ocean and coasts. Since launching globally in February 2019, Sisstrevolution has already made a significant commitment to supporting Surfrider's mission not only through their Surf Industry Coastal Defender membership, but in organizing and co-hosting events with Surfrider experts to encourage and empower female surfers to take ownership of the beaches and surf breaks they love, and to feel accountable for their protection.

Photo by Sisstrevolution

In addition to their use of limestone-based neoprene and dope-dyed yarn to reduce the environmental impact of their wetsuit production, Sisstrevolution has carefully chosen their ambassador "Sisstrs" to amplify and articulate the brand's values through each of their own voices. Lifelong Surfrider supporter, President of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Surfrider club, and Sisstr ambassador Marissa Miller exemplifies the company's commitment to reducing their own impact on the places they love. In the below video, Marissa echoes Sisstrevolution's commitment on an individual level as she tells the story of how growing up near the ocean ingrained in her a passion for living more sustainably.

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Growing up surfing in Oahu's coastal waters, Marissa is acutely familiar with the important role that the ocean and coasts play in the livelihood of multiple industries. "Back home in Hawaii, there are a lot of threats to our fragile marine ecosystems," Marissa explained. "Sadly, many businesses are overly concerned with short-term profits rather than investing in long-term solutions to protect local ecosystems and ensure that our island is still welcoming and inviting to visitors. Our tourism industry would fail miserably if we didn’t protect our beaches – the main reason why people come to visit Hawaii in the first place." In recognition of the importance of these same coastal places to the wellbeing of the surf industry, Sisstrevolution has committed to supporting Surfrider's efforts to raise awareness and make a positive impact across all program areas. We are stoked to welcome Sisstrevolution as our newest Surf Industry Coastal Defender!

​Photo by Sisstrevolution

To learn more about Sisstrevolution, visit their website at Sisstrevolution.com, or check out their Instagram @sisstrevolution.

To learn more about Marissa and her work with the Surfrider Foundation, check out this Activist Spotlight on Marissa and her awesome contributions to Surfrider's Cal Poly SLO Club.