November 10 2015

Workplace Giving - A simple way to give

by Nancy Eiring

Each fall, human resources departments everywhere are evaluating the benefits they offer their employees and running campaigns to help employees choose benefits like retirement plans and health insurance options for the coming year. Fall is also the time when they give employees the opportunity to take advantage of another great benefit: workplace giving!

What is workplace giving?  It is a simple way to contribute to your favorite charity - like the Surfrider Foundation - through payroll deductions. It’s an easy way to give, and it allows employees to budget and plan out their philanthropic contributions for the next year. 

The Surfrider Foundation is a member of EarthShare, a nationwide network of the most respected environmental and conservation organizations. EarthShare partners with employees and employers across the country to support hundreds of environmental groups through efficient and effective payroll deduction giving and offers a simple way to care for the environment.

Workplace giving is probably the easiest way to make a charitable gift.  If your company offers an EarthShare workplace giving program, you can choose an amount that you wish to have deducted from your paycheck each pay period.  These payroll deductions are fully tax deductible and take place automatically.

Think about it . . . If you get paid every two weeks and choose a payroll deduction of $25 (That’s a half a tank of gas! Or, four large mochas!) from each paycheck, that will translate to a $650 donation by the end of the year.

Through EarthShare’s workplace giving programs, you can elect to contribute only to the Surfrider Foundation or you can donate to all of the environmental and conservation charities you normally support by designating them in your EarthShare gift.

Federal employees and military personnel can get involved too.  Each year, from September to December, the US government offers its employees the chance to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  Through this workplace giving fundraising drive, Federal and military employees raise millions of dollars that benefit thousands of charities.  EarthShare is a part of many state and municipal government agencies’ giving programs as well. 

The Surfrider Foundation’s CFC code is 10642. 

If EarthShare is not offered in your campaign, or if there is no campaign at your workplace, you can help us introduce the program to your employer.  Just helping us to arrange a meeting with the decision makers at your company can benefit Surfrider.  To learn more please contact Surfrider Foundation’s Director of Development at (949) 492-8170. 

Learn more about workplace giving.