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Dip x Surfrider: A Shared Vision for a Cleaner Future

In the bustling world of emerging brands, one company is making a significant splash with their innovative approach and their dedication to sustainability over profitability. We are pleased to share that Dip Sustainable Hair Care has joined forces with the Surfrider Foundation as an official corporate partner in celebration of their commitment to conservation and community action.

For those who are not familiar yet, Dip Sustainable Hair Care offers a range of shampoo, conditioner, and soap bars (as well as other personal care products) intentionally formulated without phthalates and other harmful ingredients and neatly packaged in entirely plastic-free cardboard boxes. This spring, Dip launched a special set of fragrance free Color-Safe shampoo and After Surf conditioner bars with sales benefiting the Surfrider Foundation.



At the heart of the Surfrider and Dip partnership lies a shared vision: a world where our ocean and beaches are free from plastic pollution. From their production to their packaging and shipping process, Dip’s values align with Surfrider's mission to reduce the impact of plastics on marine environments. Dip Founder, Kate Assaraf, is deeply committed to giving back and protecting our treasured resources. Her journey began as a volunteer at a Surfrider beach cleanup, graduated into becoming an annual Surfrider member, and evolved into her current status a diehard advocate for the cause.

“The work that Surfrider does to change laws relating to plastic is too important to me… our ocean depends on the Surfrider volunteers to show up and we will do what we can to make that easier for them to do so,” says Kate.


Dip was born out of Kate’s desire to make a transformative impact as a business leader that encourages people to buy better, buy less, and shop small. As a thoughtful small business in alliance with other small businesses, Dip has kept their products off Amazon and encourages customers to shop local.  “Surf shops aren't just stores; they are the heartbeat and education center for many local groups… you just can't replace that energy and human-to-human interaction with one-click shopping,” Kate emphasizes.

Today, Dip is a growing name and thriving brand thanks to the enthusiasm from the surf community, made up of individuals who understand the connection between making smart purchasing choices and the ultimate impact on our ecosystem. 

At Surfrider, we are honored to have the support and participation from a team that recognizes the ripple effect of every choice we make and that no action is too small to contribute to the greater movement of ocean protection.

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