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Fight for a Strong #PlasticsTreaty Now!

With the 4th United Nations international negotiating session (INC-4) less than one month away, Surfrider joins our colleagues in the Break Free From Plastic Movement to demand the United States government take a strong stance on the Global #PlasticsTreaty

Specifically, the U.S. Government must recognize that:

  • Plastic pollution starts with extraction of fossil fuels.
  • Plastic pollution disproportionately impacts BIPOC, rural, and low-income fenceline communities. 
  • Plastic pollution harms human health. 
  • Plastic pollutes at all stages of its life cycle (not just its use) beginning with fossil fuel extraction.
  • Fossil fuel industry influence in the UN Global Plastics Treaty negotiations is a conflict of interest and prevents real solutions from being implemented. 
  • To solve the plastic pollution crisis, plastics production must be significantly reduced and the fossil fuel and plastic industry buildout must be stopped.

Plastic pollutes from the moment that fossil fuels are extracted to make it, poisoning frontline communities and exacerbating the climate crisis. Plastic pollution is overwhelming our ocean, and putting both planetary and human health are on the line. From the field to the sea, researchers have found plastic in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. It's been found in our blood, brains, breast milk, hearts, lungs, and placentas. The chemicals in plastic are linked to health issues that cost the U.S. hundreds of billions in healthcare every year. 


Plastic pollution is truly one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time – and one with a clear solution. We must commit to a global reduction of plastic production through the Global #PlasticsTreaty. Help fight for a cleaner, healthier world by sending a message to President Biden today!

Surfrider Plastic Pollution Initiative and Student Club Network staff, along with club and chapter activists, will join our colleagues in Surfrider Canada at INC-4 in Ottawa, April 23 through 29. Find out more about how we've been engaging on efforts to influence Global #PlasticsTreaty negotiations here and donate to support our work here!