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Surfrider Foundation Releases Toolkit to Eliminate Plastic Straws!

Tackling global plastic pollution can be an overwhelming task as so many convenience items today contain plastic. However, raising awareness and building a robust strategy around a single item can have huge ripple effects that change the way we look at the “throw away” culture that has become so commonplace.

Since plastic bags gained the spotlight a few years ago, straws have now become the poster child of plastic pollution and a groundswell of communities, businesses, organizations, and governments have set out to get rid of this pernicious plastic item that is found on our beaches and in our ocean worldwide.

The Surfrider chapter network across the country has been working hand in hand with partners, businesses, and local governments to reduce plastic straw use in the restaurant industry and push for policies that make long-lasting and systemic change in the communities they call home. To bolster those efforts and build momentum, the Surfrider Foundation is happy to release a toolkit that provides guidance for chapters and active community members seeking to rid their local beaches and coastlines of plastic straws.  

The toolkit is available for all community members interested in starting a plastic straw program or campaign in their community and is available here. 

If you are interested in more resources on how to get rid of straws, contact your local Surfrider chapter, check out Surfrider's Ocean Friendly Restaurants program, or email 


Photo Credit: Andrew Baily and The Westerly News