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Welcome Aboard Tamalpais High School

The Marin County BWTF program has established a new lab at Tamalpais High School.  Students in Erin Ashley’s Environmental Science class are collecting weekly water samples from Coyote Creek in Mill Valley, Waldo Point Harbor in Sausalito, and Blackie’s Pasture in Tiburon, CA.  They bring the samples to school with them to process in the new BWTF lab and later read and enter their results online.  See where the Marin County BWTF is testing here.

The Marin County Chapter has supported a water testing lab at the nearby Branson School since 2007.  The students who form the Branson School Water Quality Team developed a water testing protocol, and volunteers from the chapter brought this great resource into Tamalpais High to help train the new students on Surfrider lab procedures for water quality testing.

The Tamalpais Environmental Science students have been out testing every week since the end of January expanding the coverage of the Marin County Chapter's water testing program.  The Chapter is excited to bring the Blue Water Task Force program into this new public high school exposing the students to the science and methodology of water quality monitoring, local water pollution issues, and Surfrider’s mission to protect and enjoy oceans, waves and beaches.