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White House Releases Final Ocean Plan

The Obama Administration today released its final National Ocean Policy Action Plan, outlining more than 50 actions the U.S. will take to protect our nation’s oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes. Priorities in the plan include ecosystem-based management, habitat protection & restoration, climate change adaptation, coastal & marine spatial planning, and water quality & sustainable practices on land. 

As a strong supporter of the National Ocean Policy, the Surfrider Foundation applauds the release of the action plan. Surfrider chapters and members provided significant input to the plan through public listening sessions across the country, and we are pleased to see a final plan that includes meaningful actions to protect our coasts and ocean! Surfrider also understands that achieving desired outcomes of the National Ocean Policy in the long term will depend on support and funding from Congress.

At the grassroots level, the Surfrider Foundation will continue our efforts to advance priorities of the National Ocean Policy. Across our network of over 80 U.S. Chapters, Surfrider members are leading a variety of campaigns and programs that address key issues such as water quality, plastic pollution, ocean health, and shoreline preservation.  We look forward to leveraging these local efforts with enhanced leadership from the federal goverment.

Additionally, Surfrider is an active participant in ocean planning efforts in many regions across the country, including the Mid-Atlantic, the Northeast, and Washington State. A major priority of the National Ocean Policy, ocean planning is a process to help ensure that future development of the ocean minimizes impacts to the marine ecosystem and human uses like recreation and fishing. Surfrider is working to promote strong representation from recreational users (e.g. surfers, beachgoers, etc.) through public outreach, mapping and data collection, and grassroots advocacy. For more info: click here.

The Surfrider Foundation urges you to support implementation of the National Ocean Policy. Below are three ways to make a difference!

1. Tell your federal representatives to fund the National Ocean Policy
Congress needs to hear from people who support the National Ocean Policy. Please call or write your federal representative and ask them to “fund the National Ocean Policy”.

2. Support grassroots efforts to protect our coasts and ocean
Federal efforts to address issues such as water quality, habitat protection, and plastic pollution will only be successful if they are matched by citizen efforts on the ground. Please review the National Ocean Policy priorities and consider what actions you can take in your own community to make a difference! 

3. Participate in ocean planning efforts
Across the country, states and regions are moving forward with ocean planning efforts. The success of these ocean planning processes depends upon the participation and support of citizens, including local stakeholders who use and enjoy the ocean.