08 • 16 • 2018

Join Surfrider at the Peoples Climate Movement March

By Surfrider Foundation

Once again, Surfrider is mobilizing our chapter activists to attend the Peoples Climate Movement's national mobilization on Sept. 8th. The anchor action is in San Francisco, CA, with hundreds of other actions being led across the US, and the globe. We hope you will join us!  Last year, over 300,000 people gathered at various locations across the United States.  Surfrider chapters helped organize hundreds of volunteers to attend over a dozen marches along our nation’s shorelines, big cities, and state capitols.   

This year’s Climate March is particularly exciting because it is specifically being held prior to the Global Climate Action Summit.  The Summit, being hosted by Governor Brown, will bring together leaders from around the world to discuss climate solutions and mobilize communities experiencing climate change impacts.  

Surfrider is hopeful that both the Summit and the Climate March will motivate decision-makers to actively take actions to curb climate change.  Our leaders must tackle the existential threat of climate change now—not later—and one way to prompt action from decision-makers is to gather in masses and demand climate action. 

Our ocean and coasts are at the center of climate change—devastating impacts are already knocking at our door—our seas are rising, our ocean is acidifying and storms are increasing. It’s up to Surfrider supporters to raise awareness about how climate change is impacting our ocean and coasts. 

We encourage Surfrider supporters to download materials we created for Climate March; including signs to carry at the March and social media graphics.  In addition, we are encouraging our local chapters to establish ‘meet up locations’ where Surfrider supporters can meet and caravan to the March together.  We’d love to see throngs of Surfrider signs marching down streets across the nation! 

To learn more about Surfrider’s climate change work, visit our website.  If you have pictures from the Climate March you would like to share, please send them to: and we will include them in our Climate March wrap-up blog.