09 • 27 • 2019

Surfrider Activists Strike for Climate Action

By Stefanie Sekich-Quinn

Surfrider is incredibly proud of the dozens of Surfrider activists who attended Climate Strikes recently. Between our Chapters and Youth Clubs, we turned out in force to spread the word that climate change is gravely impacting our ocean and coasts. 

This is only the beginning. With millions of people around the world taking to the streets, Surfrider is confident elected officials are hearing us loud and clear. Quite frankly, our decision-makers really have no other choice but to ACT. It’s hard to ignore millions of concerned citizens!  

In addition to the strikes, the UN released a report last week that paints a dire picture of how climate change is impacting the ocean and coasts. Read our blog here that includes solutions that all of us can support. While the report is daunting, we are unbelievably inspired by the youth and local communities rising up to demand climate action. Thanks to everyone gathering in your local communities to make a change.  Enjoy pictures of Surfrider activists striking.