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Attend Nationwide Rallies to Demand Climate Action

The last time Surfrider activists gathered in the streets to demand decisionmakers take immediate action on the climate crisis was in September 2019.  Then, COVID19 dominated the world, leaving climate activists held up inside and relegated to virtual advocacy. Now as the pandemic is slowing down, climate advocates are organizing rallies across the country to continue our plight for bold climate action.  The main event is being held in Washington DC on April 23, 2022.  However, other events are being organized across the U.S., find a location near you. 

Our ocean and coasts are lifelines. But unfortunately, the climate crisis, paired with decades of poor coastal management, is affecting the ability of our ocean and coasts to provide solutions. However, both the coasts and ocean can be leveraged to undo climate change impacts by using nature-based solutions that will buttress coastal communities from climate change impacts and absorb carbon. In addition, many communities are drafting proactive plans to protect their communities and precious coastlines from sea level rise.    

The upcoming rallies are particularly exciting for Surfrider as we are eager to join climate advocates from around the country.  The timing of the rallies is timely as we recently launched a new strategic plan that elevates Surfrider’s work on the climate crisis. In the coming years, Surfrider will double our efforts to:  

  • Educate elected officials, the public and supporters about climate change impacts on our ocean and coasts. 
  • Work with states and local communities to plan for sea level rise and coastal adaptation.
  • Support local coastal habitat restoration and blue carbon efforts.
  • Advocate for strong climate laws and policies at local, state and federal levels.

Thanks to all our Surfrider Foundation supporters who are working to protect our ocean, waves, and beaches from climate change.  See you in the streets!