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Faherty Supports the Surfrider Foundation for Clean Water and Healthy Beaches

Faherty is a family-run company with deeply ingrained values of environmental responsibility and giving back to the ocean and coasts. As lovers of nature and especially the ocean, the brand's founders sought to create beautiful, long-lasting clothing that was less harmful to the environment than mainstream fashion— and in 2013, Faherty was born. According to the Faherty team, they live by a code of five core values: to be the best, deliver on promises, spread good vibes, be better together, and stay authentic. With those principles similarly guiding our work together, the Surfrider Foundation is so pleased to have Faherty's support for our mission to protect clean water and healthy beaches.

Photo: organic Faherty blankets, designed in collaboration with indigenous artists

This year, Faherty has fortified their commitment to sustainable production by supporting Surfrider's mission, and helping inspire positive changes to lead the industry toward greater awareness and accountability. To find out a bit more about their perspective on how companies and individuals can play a variety of important roles in ocean and coastal conservation, we caught up with Faherty brand co-founder and Chief Impact Officer, Kerry Faherty.

Photo: Faherty family in their happy place

First off, what inspired you to take action to support Surfrider's mission to protect the world’s ocean, waves and beaches?

As surfers, the ocean is our happy place. We want to protect and preserve it as much as we can.

We know that environmental responsibility is important to Faherty— can you tell us a bit more about some of the practices in place that help the brand embody and spread that commitment?

One of our biggest priorities is using materials that are less harmful to the environment. As much as as we can, we use organic cotton (which is better for regenerative farming and uses no pesticides), natural fibers that biodegrade (like linen), and recycled polyester (for our men’s swim). We’re members of Bluesign, which is a supply chain system that helps educate us on the toxicity of the chemicals and dyes in our clothes, and also members of 1% for the Planet. We also have bold initiatives underway that will be hopefully launch by 2021, which includes the mitigation of our carbon footprint, using much more natural dyes, and switching out of the use of traditional polybags.

Photo: Faherty family surf

Are there specific issues affecting our ocean and coasts that are of special importance to Faherty?

Plastic pollution is top of mind for sure, but also the devastating epidemic of coral bleaching across our reefs.

Both are widespread issues that severely impact the environment and coastal recreation. Is that what led you to supporting Surfrider?

What we love about Surfrider specifically is that its mission includes a legal team that works on policy change to ensure real legislation is passed that protects the environment.

Photo: Kerry at Surfrider HQ with Surfrider CEO, Dr. Chad Nelsen

It's an important part of our ability to make progress! On an individual level, what would you say is the most important personal habit shift you and your family have made, or would share with others to help protect the health of our ocean and coasts?

Cutting out single-use coffee cups. Once we started that, we became more cognizant of all of our daily plastic use that we wanted to cut out, and that led to more changes centered around sacrificing convenience for the benefit of the environment.

Can you tell us about Faherty's holistic give-back initiative and the other causes you support?

In addition to our support of Surfrider, we give 10% of proceeds from our indigenous inspired prints to Lakota Healing Way, and work with indigenous designers. We are also active supporters of A Second U, an organization that trains and employs formerly incarcerated men and women in the wellness industry.

Photo: Kerry at Surfrider HQ with Surfrider CEO, Dr. Chad Nelsen

We are thrilled to welcome Faherty as a Surfrider partner and coastal defender. Big thanks to Kerry for sharing these insights with us!

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